Isizwe uses real-world applications of blockchain technology to deliver affordable internet access in low-income communities.

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Target metrics
         180 million
Homes connected
       1 billion
People served
Bandwidth available

What Does Isizwe Deliver?

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Fast, uncapped, and affordable internet should be a basic human right. Isizwe provides fibre to the home and access to a fibre-connected public WiFi cloud across the entire township.

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Driving web3 adoption

People living in emerging markets understand the potential of crypto and web3 to change lives. Their appetite is driven by their need to solve real-world, everyday problems. Connecting them to the internet is the first step in making this a reality.

Isizwe is a marquee case study to demonstrate how practical, everyday, utilitarian problems - like the delivery of internet access in emerging markets - can be solved with the adoption of a crypto-centric mindset.

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How It Works

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Isizwe funds the deployment of fibre internet infrastructure in underserved communities in emerging markets.

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Isizwe uses VulaCoin, a Solana-based wallet and stable coin pinned to internet time, to facilitate network access and micro pay-as-you-go transactions.

Isizwe has partnered with infrastructure providers with proven methods for deploying fibre at affordable prices ($0.34/day per user)

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Isizwe provides publishers with access to emerging markets and the ability to run advertising campaigns on the Isizwe network. They gain access to a previously inaccessible audience: consumers experiencing fast and uncapped internet on a sustainable basis for the first time.

What is the market opportunity?

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4 billion people

Nearly 4 billion people do not have access to the internet. This represents a massive total addressable market.  

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Previously untapped

Not only are we connecting people, but we’re giving media publishers access to them via advertisements.

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New methods

Brands are under pressure to innovate and find cheaper methods of reaching this enormous audience.

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Growing market

The highest growth in key audience segments is found in informal markets.

"I've been working as a channel manager for Unilever for 6 years and I'm frustrated. We need to get closer to our consumers by selling into the townships and cutting out the costs of formal retailers. "

Sarah Mcloskey

Channel Manager, Unilver

Who are we?

The Isizwe team has over 100 years of experience in connecting people in low- and middle-income African communities to the internet. We understand what works and what doesn’t and have identified a way to deploy fast, uncapped, and affordable fibre internet to the masses.

Connecting the next billion

We’re connecting a billion people in emerging markets around the world. Join us in deploying a scalable, real-world application of blockchain technology to provide internet access as a basic need.

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