Connecting the next billion

Everyone in the world should have fast reliable affordable internet
The fastest, most reliable, and most affordable internet is fiber
That’s why we’re connecting everyone to fiber, via Fibertime™
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We believe the world will be a better place if every single person - rich and poor, young and old, across race and religion - has unlimited access to real-time information. That means unrestricted access to the internet.

We believe this because information is light. Internet is information. Fiber is the best means of distributing internet - it literally uses fiber optic cables to send information as light.

If we want to light up the world, every single person must have fiber internet.

Starting with South Africa.

We realised that the existing fiber internet industry did not provide a product that works for the people that need it the most: people living in townships (slums, favelas).

Which is why these communities did not have any fiber penetration, further exacerbating the digital divide: Cheap, fast, reliable home fiber internet for the wealthy; Expensive, slow, unreliable wireless internet for the poor: Digital Apartheid.

In our view, the reason for the lack of profitable fiber infrastructure in townships was not because of a lack of demand, but rather because the business model did not cater for the specific needs of low-income communities, namely: affordable, available in small chunks, and no upfront fees.

So we started, a payments platform that makes it possible to buy internet time in chunks as small as R1 (5 US cents).

And then we built a fiber network in Kayamandi, a township outside of Stellenbosch (South Africa).

And then we started an internet service provider called that provides paygo internet.

Our mission is to bring cheap reliable fast fiber to every home in the world.

May 2023 video update from our chairman

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