Blazing Fast Township Fibre

100 MB/second. R5 per day. Unlimited access. It's Fibre-Time™!

Fast and affordable fibre for the emerging world
R5 per day

100 MB/second

   Unlimited access

The Kayamandi Fibre Project

Isizwe is delivering the fastest daily fibre to over 3000 homes in Kayamandi Township. R5 per day. Unlimited internet at speeds of more than 100mbps. Uncapped.

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How It Works

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Isizwe funds the deployment of fibre internet infrastructure in underserved communities in emerging markets.

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Isizwe uses VulaCoin, a mobile wallet, to facilitate network access and micro pay-as-you-go transactions.

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Content Distribution

Isizwe is a digital distribution channel. We work with partners in various industries to deliver education, entertainment, employment, and other digital content to township residents.

Who are we?

The Isizwe team has decades of experience in connecting people in low-income communities to the internet. We understand what works and what doesn’t and have identified how to deploy fast, uncapped, and affordable fibre internet to the masses.

Connecting the next billion

We’re connecting people in emerging markets around the world. Join us in deploying a scalable, real-world solution to provide internet access as a basic need.

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