We’re tackling this problem because we’re uniquely positioned to do so. With over 100 years of combined experience in working to connect people in emerging markets, Isizwe understands what is required to roll out fast, uncapped, affordable, and ubiquitously available internet.  

Our product aims to make a real difference to peoples lives.

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At least ten megabytes per second, increasing over time. Slow internet is more frustrating than no internet. This speed is sufficient for most internet activities.

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Capped and uncapped internet access are different products. Give someone one gigabyte of data and they’ll think twice before streaming Netflix.

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The cost of uncapped internet should be no more than c.USD$0.34 per day, available on a Pay-as-you-Go model.

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The goal is to connect everyone to the internet on a meaningful basis. Connecting to a public hotspot is not the same as connecting from the comfort of your home.

The solution is simple: connect everyone to the internet.

Having internet access and being connected to the internet are not the same thing. Being connected to the internet means that you can use the internet in an active and meaningful way.

You’re able to learn, earn and entertain yourself using the internet, in the same way that billions of internet users do today.

To achieve this, internet access needs to be fast, uncapped, affordable, and ubiquitously available.”

Project Isizwe

Project Isizwe is the non-profit sister of Isizwe. They are an award-winning, non-profit organisation that works with the public and private sectors to advance the mission of bringing affordable public WiFi internet access to low-income communities across South Africa.

Project Isizwe began in 2013, since then bringing over 1.8 million people online.

Visit www.projectisizwe.org to learn more.


A team filled with experience

Our core team has worked together for over a decade, raising millions of dollars in VC, and building and exiting multiple 8 and 9 figure businesses in the telecoms space. In an area where domain expertise is critical to success, our experience makes all the difference.  

Alan Knott-Craig
Founder & CEO

Passionate about Africa’s potential and bridging the digital divide in Africa by bringing equitable internet to poor communities, Alan is the Founder of Project Isizwe. Alan is a qualified Chartered Accountant and an entrepreneur who has 20+ years of experience in the telecommunications, media & technology sectors. He has founded 7 companies, including Herotel, a wireless & fibre internet service provider operating across 500 towns in South Africa. He was named as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum in 2009. He was included in “100 Choiseul Africa", a list of top 100 young African business leaders in 2014, 2015 and 2016, and nominated as the 2015 ICT Personality of the Year by ITWeb. He has been nominated by Entrepreneur Magazine as one of the top eleven entrepreneurs changing the African landscape. Alan has published nine books and is the author of several viral articles, including Don’t Panic(2008), Mobinomics: Mxit and Africa’s mobile revolution (2012), Reasons for Optimism (2019), Connected: A Brief History of Global Telecommunications (2020), South Africa Might Get Lucky, arguing that the future of South Africa is bright and that entrepreneurs will save the world.

Linda Sadler
Founder & CFO

Linda is a Chartered Accountant (CA(SA)) and a CFA Charterholder. Linda has experience in working with start-up tech businesses as well as family and corporate enterprises - her experience expands from capital raising, corporate finance, investment analysis and strategy development. Linda has over 12 years’ experience in the industry across the African continent.

Cornelius Greyling
Founder & CTO

Cornelius leads Isizwe from a technology perspective and is the founder of VulaCoin, our blockchain-based micropayment solution. He has gained extensive experience building software solutions for real-world problems and is skilled in bridging the gap between business needs and software. Cornelius has 7+ years of experience leading teams tackling problems across the globe.

Keagan Stokoe
Founder & CPO

Keagan has a diverse background having transitioned from the legal world into a role as a software engineer working on AI & ML systems for global water utilities. He has previously worked to deliver educational solutions in urban townships.

Martin Stolk
Principal Blockchain Engineer

Martin has an honours degree in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics. He has been building and selling software since the age of 13 and has continued working on his passion ever since, giving him 15 years of experience. Martin comes with broad experience and deep knowledge, having founded and started Avocado Chocolate, a global software development house.

Darrel van Onselen
Lead Engineer

Darrel completed a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology that focused on Software Development and multiple other certifications. He is currently pursuing another Bachelor’s degree with a focus on Applied Mathematics and Physics. He has extensive experience building software and is leading the development of the Isizwe platform.

Neill Landman
CTO of VulaCoin

Neill is co-founder and lead engineer on VulaCoin, the blockchain-based micropayment wallet that sits at the heart of the Isizwe network. Neill has 8+ years of experience in successfully building and deploying software solutions and is a seasoned open source contributor.


Richard Henn
Founder & CEO Paygozo

Rich is passionate about narrowing the digital divide across middle and lower-income communities. With 15+ years of experience in telecommunications, and previously Chief Commercial Officer of Herotel, Rich is currently the founder & CEO of Paygozo, a township prepaid internet service provider.

Wesley Billet
Strategic Advisor

Wesley is a seasoned entrepreneur and growth hacker with notable success in the crypto-verse when leading one of Africa’s first crypto crowdsourcing raises in 2018, which hit its hard cap. Wesley has also built multiple market-leading businesses in Fintech, FMCG Tech and EdTech on the continent and comes with vast experience working in emerging markets.

Cobus Venter
Strategic Advisor

Cobus is a senior economist and research manager at the Bureau for Economic Research at Stellenbosch University. He is a previous executive director of Econex and a consulting macroeconomist to most South African telecommunications companies, a seed investor in Herotel, and has 20+ years of industry experience. Cobus has invaluable knowledge in creating a trusted platform.

Connecting the next billion

We’re connecting a billion people in emerging markets around the world. Join us in deploying a scalable, real-world application of blockchain technology to provide internet access as a basic need.

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