paygo vs Customer Experience vs Traditional ISP

Matthew Campbell

When considering paygo services, transactional behavior comes to mind. Purchase, consume, utilise and repeat. No need for a GREAT customer experience, right?


Particularly in the case of paygo internet, in township markets, there is no space for a poor experience of any kind. In fact, the requirement for a superior customer journey far exceeding that of traditional ISP’s is imperative for success.


  1. Legacy Experiences
  • Traditional ISP’s have historically provided poor experience. Transactional, if you may.
  1. Substitution
  • paygo internet requires frequency, we require customers to interact with the brand and product daily. In the same vein, a customer has the choice to NOT use the paygo product. It is frighteningly easy to lose the frequency of purchase.
  1. Word-of-Mouth
  • In township markets, word-of-mouth is the strongest communication tool and marketing asset to any brand that dares enter. It can also destroy a business if trust is lost with the customer.
  1. Retention
  • Retention talks to frequency. Without retention, frequency falls to the wayside and trust is lost.
  1. GENUINE trust
  • New entrants into township markets are not trusted. From day one, the core focus of the entire business should be around trust creation. This cannot be done with fancy marketing tools and promises. Trust must be earned with genuine intentions. Relationships are key. Every employee, 3rd party contractor or custodian of the brand needs to buy into the ethos of trust creation.
  1. Quality
  • The quality of the product should be at a 5X level to that of what the industry has known to date. Faster, greater uptime, less barriers to entry.
  1. Emotion vs spending power
  • When spending power is low, it is imperative to build an emotive connection with your customers.

It is therefore essential that in a world that accepts sub-par customer service that a paygo service (much like the service that we offer) shines far above the rest of the industry.

If CX is done correctly (And by correctly, completely turned on the proverbial head and revolutionised), we WIN and so does the consumer. Radical revolution of what the consumer has come to accept traditionally is what is required to enable our customers and to ensure success.  

It is a mind-shift.

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