How it works

We’re tackling this problem because we’re uniquely positioned to do so. With over 100 years of combined experience in working to connect people in emerging markets, Isizwe understands what is required to roll out fast, uncapped, affordable, and ubiquitously available internet.  

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VulaCoin is a crypto-based mobile wallet that enables users to digitise cash with an internet-time pinned stable coin. VulaCoin represents a reliable, traceable payment mechanism that facilitates our micro pay-as-you-go offering.

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No cost

When signing up, a wallet is created for the user. The wallet allows users to store, send and spend VulaCoin at no transaction cost to the user.

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Simple and intuitive

Vulacoin offers a seamless user experience as well as a simple and transparent platform for Internet Service Providers to withdraw their funds.

Pilot Project

Kayamandi Fibre Project

Connecting the next billion

We’re connecting a billion people in emerging markets around the world. Join us in deploying a scalable, real-world application of blockchain technology to provide internet access as a basic need.

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